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I'm a very good, loving, and love peace. I really like the fashion world. Now, I pursue the world of fashion. And when the 26 years I aspire to open a boutique business. In addition, my hobbies are drawing, swimming, and cooking.

Friday, September 3, 2010

on air with YAHOO MESSENGER..:D

well..well..last night, my friends, tia & marcel. We are chatting on Yahoo Messenger very fun & exciting..! but tia & me can not use webcam cause something problem in signal (may be) or yahoo messenger error. To cover the loging, we'r use the telephone. An d marcel & me use the webcam. I saw her..miss her so much..hhe..we are so funny..I can't stop laughing with her. Her mom webcam too..hha..Time really doesn't fell it was late. We're said see you letter and go bed and sleep in sweet dreams.:D

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