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I'm a very good, loving, and love peace. I really like the fashion world. Now, I pursue the world of fashion. And when the 26 years I aspire to open a boutique business. In addition, my hobbies are drawing, swimming, and cooking.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Day with My Beloved Brother

Yo..yo..yooo..!! what's up, dude..! hhe..! Today, i'm so tired. I'm sorry for my brother's really the same, has led me to the church. Brother, I'm sorry.. hhe ..! pity he's tired. Today he joined the church service two times. Finish worship, we had lunch at a place "NASI PECEL PINCUK". Just me and my brother. Soooo sweeeeeet..Romantic.. hha! After that, we are on the way go home but while on the road, He make me! I BEAT him .. hha ..! Today, my brother's different hairstyle. He wants to be young again, so he changed his hairstyle. LOVE MY BROTHER..Muachhh..!

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